• Personal Training

    With over a decade of expertise as a personal trainer, Alicia offers tailored and meticulously crafted training sessions. Whether opting for partner or individual sessions, Alicia customizes each session to kickstart or enhance your fitness journey. She meets you at your current fitness level, ensuring a seamless and effective progression.

  • Virtual Programming

    Unable to attend in person? Already committed to your current gym? No worries. Alicia can craft a personalized training program via an app, perfectly tailored to your fitness level, objectives, and available equipment. Virtual sessions are also available, offering the support and guidance necessary for you to advance towards your goals while remaining accountable.

  • Rehabilitation

    After completing treatment with a Finish First chiropractor, some patients may advance to tailored functional training meticulously crafted to facilitate their return to optimal health and performance. This rehabilitation program
    addresses individual needs and supports a complete recovery, ensuring patients regain full functionality and vitality.

Training & Rehabilitation Services & Pricing

60-Minute Training


  • 60-minute personal training session
  • Transform your fitness with Alicia's personalized training sessions, meticulously designed to achieve maximum results in just an hour, tailored to your goals, fitness level, and preferences.
  • May be in-person or virtual

30-Minute Training


  • 30-minute personal training session
  • Meticulously structured training session designed to maximize results in a shorter timeframe, tailored to your goals, fitness level, and preferences
  • May be in-person or virtual

Virtual Programming


  • Monthly programming from Alicia tailored to your goals, achieving results conveniently from anywhere via the TrueCoach app.
  • $50 is a monthly recurring charge unless programming is canceled.
  • Monthly in-person 30-minute training sessions are recommended to discuss the previous month and evaluate progress.

30- Minute Rehabilitation


  • 30-minute rehabilitation session
  • Working through prescribed exercises provided by our Finish First chiropractors. Progress through exercises under Alicia's guidance, ensuring proper technique and monitoring the injury's recovery journey.