What is the Neubie by Neufit?

The Neubie by Neufit harnesses the power of our neurological system to elevate our physical performance, accelerate healing, and boost overall fitness with unprecedented efficiency. This device heightens performance by optimizing neurological activation and control levels by employing cutting-edge neuromuscular electrical stimulation technology.

Its benefits extend to facilitating recovery from injuries, surgeries, neurological ailments, and chronic pain. Furthermore, it amplifies performance, aids muscle development, maximizes muscle fiber engagement, and promotes fat burning.

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Achieve Peak Performance

Elevate Performance: The Neubie optimizes your nervous system's efficiency, enhancing the bandwidth and processing speeds crucial for boosting strength, speed, and precision in your movements.

Accelerate Healing: With pinpoint accuracy, we map your body to identify areas for improvement. Through targeted neuromuscular re-education, we support the body in alleviating pain and reducing recovery time, ensuring comprehensive healing.

Enhance Fitness: Experience the equivalent of multiple traditional training sessions in just one Neubie session. Safely integrated into any fitness regimen, the Neubie empowers you to restore, attain, and sustain peak performance levels.

Neubie Services & Pricing

Initial Neubie Session


  • 75 to 90-minute initial session, including a full body scan to identify the excessive neurological signals that cause spasticity or the reduced neurological signals that cause losses of sensation or movement.
  • May be used for rehabilitation or training patients
  • There is a monthly Neubie pad charge of $10 (for initial Neubie users or 3+ monthly users). If applicable, your card on file will be charged monthly on the 5th.

Neubie Follow-Up


  • 45 to 60-minute session for returning rehabilitation or training patients.
  • After excessive neurological signals are pinpointed in the initial session, Gina will stimulate these areas with the Neubie, leveraging its direct current signal to enhance nerve strength akin to muscle training with weights.
  • Consistent targeted stimulation over time induces neuroplasticity, fostering breakthroughs in function and enhancing quality of life when coupled with healthy lifestyle practices.

Foot or Hand Bath


  • 30-minute session
  • Foot bath uniquely delivers direct current throughout the foot, enhancing neurological inputs to address issues such as foot weakness, sensory deficits, and reduced blood flow. It offers a promising solution for improved foot health and is ideal for addressing foot drop, diminished sensation, balance issues, swelling, or discomfort.
  • Hand bath combines the therapeutic benefits of the Neubie current with warm water, effectively dispersing healing effects throughout the hands and wrists, offering relief for injuries, fatigue, and Carpal Tunnel pain.

Lymphatic Drainage


  • 30-minute session
  • Utilizing Neubie technology to address post-surgical recovery, manage edema, and educate individuals seeking to improve their lymphatic system. Neubie technology targets lymph nodes and trigger points during sessions, facilitating effective lymphatic drainage and promoting overall wellness.
  • For optimal results, we recommend following with our infrared sauna.

Master Reset


  • 30-minute session
  • Utilizing Neubie technology to transition the body from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system, fostering optimal digestion, waste elimination, tissue regeneration, enhanced brain function, and overall mental well-being.