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Alicia Black, CPT, CES, CSCS, CGS, TCS, PPES

Alicia Black, CPT, CES, CSCS, CGS, TCS, PPES

Growing up as an athlete competing in various sports and mixed martial arts, Alicia pursued a personal training career and has been a trainer since 2012 in the Houston Area.

Alicia has furthered her education as a personal trainer by completing several certifications, including Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation, Postpartum Specialist, Tactical Conditioning & Strength Specialist, and Glute Specialist, to name a few.

After suffering through her own sports injuries, she found a love of rehabilitation and corrective exercise. Alicia has used her knowledge in this field to not only help herself return to competitive sports but also educate her clients on rehab for their injuries—helping them return to sports, improve their performance, and enhance their well-being and functional fitness.

Alicia is often sought by rehabilitation patients, athletes, and fitness professionals to help design corrective exercise programming, including strength training, and teach corrective exercises to improve sports performance and overall health. 

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