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Designed & formulated to improve sleep disturbances caused by stress & circadian rhythm disruption by balancing neurotransmitters & relaxing the nervous system. Numerous illnesses, diseases, & overall deterioration of health correlate to abnormal or inefficient sleep patterns & sleep debt.

Somnia's advanced formula combines key ingredients like pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (P5P) for enzyme support, magnesium glycinate for calming effects, GABA for mood regulation and deep sleep, L-taurine for nervous system relaxation, phosphatidylserine for stress management, HydraZorb™ CBD for endocannabinoid system modulation, & micro-dose melatonin for circadian rhythm regulation. By addressing the underlying causes of sleep disturbances and enhancing deep sleep, Somnia offers a science-backed solution for restorative rest and optimal well-being.

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